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Email to myself

I found an email I’d sent myself some time ago, and I thought this would be quite a personal way of starting to write in the public forum.

It was interesting to compare my previous thoughts to where I am now and the direction in which I’m currently heading…and having immersed myself in the new world of digital technology, surrounding myself with brilliant minds in tech innovation and courageous startup founders, I thought…


It’s about time I start documenting my thoughts, ideals, and understanding as a foundation for future reflection, and let’s be honest…embarrassment.


My husband and I have recently finished our house renovations, and we’re packing up our things to head over to San Francisco for a couple of months. I’ll be working with RedEye Apps, an exciting Australian tech startup.

I look forward to sharing the experiences and adventures ahead, and the many contradictions these chapters will most likely serve : )

Hopefully others may relate to the following…


Email to myself:

email to myself

Hence…my first entry : )


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